Oh Yeah Demigods

Oh Yeah Demigods features two things gay guys love. Eye candy and men's fashions. Who could ask for anything more? For lovers of eye candy there is a ton of hunks. With many of the male models shirtless. It is updated daily, sometimes even multiple times a day. So you never get bored waiting for the next stud to appear. They even have a regular feature called Look of the Day which features a handsome model is a very sporty outfit.

If you are more into fashion, this site has you covered as well. It is chock full of male models in the latest men's styles. The texts are a bit hit and miss. When there is information about the picture, it is very detailed. The description breaks down who designed the jacket, the shirt, the shoes and even the tie. Linking to all the designers, the model and even the photographer. When there is no information on the outfit or model, the text is left blank. Bottom line if you are into hunks and fashion this is a great bargain. As all discount shoppers know, two for the price of one is a great deal.

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