"Oh Man, I've Gotta Go Suck Another Cock." "Oh Man, I've Gotta Go Suck Another Cock."

They always say that you shouldn't mix business and pleasure. But when you run a porn site that features straight guys getting head from a dude, and you're the dude giving the blowjobs and running the site, it's unavoidable. I'm betting the guy behind Straight Boyz doesn't often hit the snooze button and moan, "Oh man, I've gotta go suck another cock." Not a chance, especially when you see the line-up of ripped studs he blows. And by the way, he just wrapped up video number 300 before Christmas.

I love watching these sessions. My eyes are darting back and forth between the lip action and the straight dude's face. Most of them are pretty stone faced, they're going to let it show that they're actually enjoying this head session. No way, that would be gay. But every once in a while, this cocksucker does something that just twirls the guy's world and he's got to give up a sigh, a gasp, or a "fuck yeah."

That guy in the red goggles was my fave out of these three. He keeps trying not to watch this guy chowing down on his stick, but he couldn't keep his eyes off him. Sure, he'd be off in his zone staring tat the ceiling or whatever, then the cocksucker would hit a sweet pace and dude would be back watching. But he really made this blow boy work for that load.

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