Yes yes Enrique. One of MEN AT PLAY'S finest latin hunks cums to us once again folks. This hot, spicy man is something to behold no doubt about it. No matter what scenario these guys put him in, the man shines like a newly formed star. I mean, he has it all. Experience, extreme good looks, and all the macho male charisma you could ever hope for. Not to mention a lovely, thick cock for all purposes. If I wasn't so turned on by him I'd probably be jealous as hell. LOL. Here we have a little shoot for you of Enrique posing alone and just being his sexy self. And why not? This dark brown dude sells himself.


Don't you just love a man in a suit? That conservative look is so handsome and "proper". But when you get those pants down you know he's all manly beast. Oh yes. Enrique is no different. When his luscious tool is unleashed, no matter what he's wearing, the heat is on. Hot and spicy that is.


Check out those abs! Damn man. My tongue would be getting right busy on this manly man. Let me tell ya. He has such a look of concentration on his face. So sexy. Do you think he tastes good? That manly musk that can't be beaten? I would say so.


I had to save the last pic for last. You really can't get much better than this when it comes to a sweet set of male buttocks. So tight, and yet, so beautiful. I could get lost in those buns and I'm sure the man would appreciate it. If Enrique really gave you that raging hardon that you've been missing for a while, MEN AT PLAY will keep you hard whenever you're there. Believe me.

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