Oh-Bitch-Pleez has everything. The witty and impish author tries humor and makes it work. He tries underwear advertising beefcake and he makes it work - hugely!! - by adding the actual shoot in a tube video, smiles, embarrassments, beefcake and all. He seriously - or not so seriously - also adds his irreverent takes on senior citizens stripping and rapping in public, a tube video of a dog's ass (you have to see it to understand), a grandma attacking a camera man after he filmed her 15 year old female grandkid stripping for the camera, along with some most erotic filming of various super hot men, doing what comes natural, solo and together. But he won my heart over with his softball Jones. He plays the game as I do and he obviously loves it as well. Pictures posted from a gay softball tournament in Las Vegas are riotous, with his teammates "doing" each other in uniform and obviously just plain having a ball, ahem. He suffers with losses and glories like a bad winner when they win. Just my type of guy! Engaging and a combination of things, from funny to sexy, this guy is having a ball with his blog. His common man theme is nice, too. This is a lover of a dude, one just gets that sense. This is a totally refreshing blog by an outspokenly gay man, living his life as large as he can. Obviously, I really like it.

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