Ross from Men at Play has been trying to keep his mind on his work all week, but his mind keeps drifting off and he finds himself fantasizing about his co-worker, Steve. Ross is sure that Steve has got on huge piece of meat under his suit, and Ross wishes he could find out. Then after a long day at work, Ross drifts off to sleep and dreams... He dreams he's got his mouth stuffed with Steve's 9 inch cock. Only it turns out it's no dream - Steve has seen Ross looking at his package all week and now that they're the only ones in the office, he decides he could use a blowjob!

Steve is as well-hung as Ross could have imagined. His pole fills Ross' mouth, and Ross eagerly services the thick, veiny shaft, licking it and letting it plunder his eager mouth.


Then Steve turns Ross around and puts him up on the desk. He reaches down and spreads Ross' ass, then buries his face between those two mounds and tongues that tight asshole, getting it nice and wet.


And once Ross is more than ready, Steve lies him down, shoves that big rod into Ross' ass and pounds him hard - and this office fuck is even hotter than Ross has been imagining!


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