Michael is a native New Yorker who has had plenty of sexual experience except for one thing. He's always wanted to find a girl to drink his cum. The girls he dated weren't interested, but Michael is in luck. He hooked up with New York Straight Men and they turned him onto their resident cocksucker, Bobby. And if there's one thing Bobby knows how to do, it's swallow a man's load. Here is is just getting started with Michael's hard cock. And ya gotta love this pic as it shows off Michael's big balls!

Here's a pic from the beginning of the shoot. Michael isn't that comfortable being with another guy at first, but Bobby can't wait to get his hands - and mouth - around Michael's shaft.


Once Michael's pants are down, Bobby doesn't hesitate. He leans over so his face is on a level with Michael's equipment and he reaches over and wraps his lips around that hard cock.


After Bobby has had his way with Michael, sucking that rod like a pro so Michael can't believe the way a man can make another man think, it's time for the main event - and Bobby swallows Michael's load with enthusiasm.


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