NYCGuys is one of those blogs whose only reason for existence is pretty much to have fun and lighten the day. My personal appreciation of blogs and their effect - if any - goes to how they express one individual's view of the world around him and how he chooses to influence it. This one is a hugely delightful experience. Opting to combine other blogs in this one by featuring their entries (and accrediting them to their owner) as well as offering the author's own somewhat unusual take on his fair city, we get posts devoted to marijuana (from "This Week In Weed") to a Youtube capture of a street fight between an angry pedicab driver and a real cab driver, right outside the Ed Sullivan Theater, caught by a FOX news cameraman. Other entries involve Obama speaking at an important Gay Rights function, complete with the Right Wing reaction, a feature on miniature pigs (yes, the animal), a red hot video of two plastic Lego figures having sex, and a headlined post entitled "Gay Bird Fucks Photographer in Head" which borrows from another blog, "Cranky Fag", and shows birds going wild. As well, it bears mentioning, there are actually some other posts dealing with some interesting and extremely hot men doing things we like seeing such as jerking off, stripping, self-sucking or just looking real damn good. All-in-all, this makes for delightful, lightweight and often utterly hilarious reading. This is, frankly, just a great blog.

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