NYC Subway Guys

NYC Subway Guys is one of those voyeur pieces of personal art that are just a little invasive but still hot owing to the never-ending supply of shifting and interesting - um - 'material'. Catching people at rest, on their ways to the appointed rounds, catches them very much "as they are", representing a photo-journalistic slice of life in the New York City subway system. Culling pictures to specify the hottest guys works for most of us. We see the author's tastes, for one thing, which touch on some very shared opinions among us all. After all, what's hot is still just that - hot. The sheer naturalness of these pictures greets the view with some relish. Relaxed, no "fronting", no poses, the cameraman in this blog seems to "get it" about how to catch sexy people and actually make them somehow even more appealing. I enjoyed this trip through this plucky, pictures-only blog. Hosted on Tumblr, a picture-sharing and -storing site, also allows us to browse a complete archive of hot men going about their business. This is an interesting look at casual New York, through the lens of someone who admires the most alluring qualities male beauty and their sex appeal.

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