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The patients in the Bound Gods psyche ward are terrified whenever nurse Dak Ramsey is on duty, especially when he's doing a midnight shift by himself. This burly nurse has a reputation of giving the patients a dose of some nasty and painful "medicine." Nurse Ratched was pussy next to this burly beast. During his rounds, Dak finds CJ the sex addict in his cell harnessed in a straight jacket. CJ is wiggling around his cock and begging for the nurse to feed him some dick. Our muscular nurse takes matters into hand and decides to give this sex addict the fuck of his life, one that might just cure him of his addiction. With CJ's cock sheathed with two metal rings attached to electrodes, and another electrode clipped to his ball sack, Dak turns on the juice and shocks this pervert's meat and potatoes. But that just made him even hornier. Dak tries using a flogger on CJ, but the sex addict is still begging for cock. So finally, nurse Ramsey decides to fuck CJ's ass until the sun comes up. What a way to spend a night shift!

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