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Bald and tattooed stud Drake Jaden returns to Naked Kombat this week to break his even record of 1-1. That's right, he's lost one wrestling match and won another. That means he's fucked one loser's ass and he's also had to give up his own ass to another opponent. And this week he's not intending to let that happen again. Drake has has been doing cardio to prepare for the match and up his endurance. His opponent in this nude wrestling session is Tucker Forrest, a bad boy with tattoos and a Prince Albert piercing. Tucker taunts Drake and tells him that he plans to fuck Drake with his PA when he wins. This is Tucker's first time on Naked Kombat and he's got a few lessons to learn. Like lesson #1: it's better not to get too cocky with your opponent before a fight, they'll fuck you extra hard when they win and make you beg for mercy. And after a hot, sweaty match where these two wrestlers fight in their jockstraps, and then, in the nude; Drake gets to collect his prize. And he makes sure Tucker learns his lesson.

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