Ben from Bentley Race invited Ivo down to the beach to check out his bodyboard. He hadn't actually surfed before but had no trouble grabbing some sound waves. Pretty well all of the guys there were going in naked... so why not join them? You gotta love Australian beaches! Ivo has a nice smooth body, a sweet smile and a gorgeous uncut cock. Like all of Bentley Race's models he's very well tanned and without tanlines of any kind. I suppose when you look at how hot it gets in Australia and the fact there are a lot of nude beaches, it would only stand a dude wouldn't have any tanlines.


Look at that sky. And that beautiful blue water. Oh yeah, and the guy with the bodyboard. LOL. The whole damn scenario is beautiful. Imagine being there watching this guy play naked on Ben's board? I know I'd be stepping up on him in a heartbeat that's for sure.


Well we have to show off the guy's butt. I imagine myself prying those cheeks apart and indulging in some fine butt licking. I'm sure Ivo wouldn't mind.


There we get a nice shot of Ivo's nice brown cock. You all know how much I like uncut cocks and Ivo's is no exception. Bentley Race say they have a much more intense scene with Ivo involving some pretty hot action. If we all get on over there I bet we can catch it. You into it? See ya there.

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