Scotty in Jefferies Tube

Here's Scotty in a Jefferies tube of a Constitution-class starship, in this case the Enterprise. He's got a lot of work to do in there and he better do it right or the ship will blow up. Of course, everyone on board will still be safe because the uniforms are made of 23rd century space polyester, which is warp core explosion (and stain) resistant.

Now here's a nude man in what seems to be a 21st century prototype of a Jefferies tube. Or possibly an immersive tanning bed from 1977. Either way, he's turned on. Side note to all those of you who have an urge to photographically display your nude self but balk at showing face because you're the assistant manager of a Pomona, California, Wells Fargo branch: block your face with your hard, thick cock.

nude man in tube

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