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Patrick Rouge and Spencer Reed have fought several times on Naked Kombat. They both really get off on nude wrestling session. I have to admit that I never really knew I had a wrestling fetish until I actually first checked out this gay fighting site several months ago. There's something about seeing a couple of naked men rolling around on the mats that really gets you revved up. And it's even hotter when you see hard cocks pushing perilously close to a combatant's face, or a opponent's ass pushing the other fighter's face to the mat. It's hot to watch the tension building and you wonder when a stiff cock is going to find its way into a mouth or butt hole. But Naked Kombat really prolongs the final sexual conquest until they've given us three full rounds of fighting. Patrick and Spencer are both on a winning streak and neither of them wants to lose. They both know the loser turns his ass over to the winner and neither wants the public humiliation. This is going to be a hot session as these two guys are fairly evenly matched. Who is going to get his ass beat - and fucked?!

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