Nude Beach Dude

Sun, sea, sand, sexy men and nudity - what better combination is there? Nude Beach Dude is a blog with a large following and even at a quick glance it is easy to see why. You can get down to the shore and find all manner of horny hunks with their kit off. Boys in the buff, naked men, fit and muscled guys showing cock and ass to your heart's content. That is what this image led blog is all about and that's what you're getting. Great for a perv, if you ask me, great for finding images of ordinary, non-model guys who could, with a little push, be fully blown porn models, and boy would we like to get them fully blown. But I digress.

New beach-buff images are added regularly here, there is a long list of other kinds of guys which, when you click a link, will take you to other neat Tumblr blogs, and there are a few fun functions. You can, for example, select a random post, browse the archive via pages of thumbnails, and even check the blog via your mobile phone. And that means you can take these naked beach bunnies anywhere you go.

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