Now I really wonder, does it make a damn bit of difference to you what a site calls itself? Does it help you identify the type of male you want to see? For example, I prefer to look at the younger type guys, the eighteen to twenty two variety, and yet let's be honest here. Can you really tell if the male model is twenty two or twenty four? Does he really look eighteen, and if he does, are you sure?

If you post a picture of a porn star from back in the seventies, and look at his hair, at his body tone, can you tell if he's nineteen or thirty?

Then there is the whole man stuff. If you refer to a site which has older models, that are over twenty five, you can't call them guys, but have to refer to them as men, because they aren't kids. Well when did a guy become a kid? Guy is just a generic term for male, so what's the big deal? Okay, I suppose if it was a site with naked women, I'd be pissed, but not if it's a male site.

It is like there are a thousand and one different types of gay sex sites out there, each with their own jargon, their own labels, and really, is it that important? Aren't we maybe putting way too much on labels, instead of substance?

Shouldn't a porn site simply give an age range, and let us get on with choosing which one we want to drool over? Then too, by putting these 'labels' out there, aren't we also limiting our choices? For example, I like nice smooth bodied guys, who are under twenty two but over eighteen.

In porn, that is a twink, but can I tell you if this model is twenty one, twenty two, or twenty four? There was a television actor, I thought was rather cute, and enjoyed staring at him, then after enjoying how his pants were so tight, how he had a nice package a lot of the time, I find out the guy is 26. Seriously, for me he looked like he was 18 or 19, and here he was, an old fart already.

So can you tell? Does it really make you a Bear if you have hair, a bit of a gut, or are bald? Does it make you a man or a guy, if you are 24? How about if you are 27?

If Porn is really about creating a fantasy, don't we owe it to ourselves to explore all of what is out there, to make those dreams, those fantasies different, instead of the same boring thing? They say variety adds spice, and so by all these labels, aren't we limiting our choices, our variety, because we have some supposed pre disposition to one kind of male over another?

Like Bears never interested me, yet I never gave it a chance. Yet when I check out some 'bear type' sites, I find that not all of them are hairy apes, or fat with sagging guts. Many are rather sexy, and buff looking too, and oh yeah, a few are rather hairless too. So I know my fantasies change, and while I still prefer the smooth bodied eighteen year old, there is a lot to be said about the more experienced, adult male.

Does it make the jacking off any better? Depends on your imagination, but you know, different is good and okay, sometimes it isn't all it's cracked up to be, but damn, it is fun thinking about it, and isn't that the whole goal of porn? To make your fantasies different, to make it unique? Like not everyone sucks cock the way you like, but you won't find out, until he does take your dick in his mouth, so isn't this the same?

You won't know till you actually go visit a site that isn't quite what you normally drool over, now will you?

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