Disney-Pixar's smash hit Oz: The Great and Powerful is full of various creatures like flying witches, flying monkeys and flying James Franco. Yet the seemingly pivotal scenes of "naked man in woods" (shown here in a production test still) were cut. Scandal! Instead, the director went with Dorothy losing her virginity to the heartless walking sex toy known as the Tin Man. They used oil as lube. For their wedding present, get them anything except aluminum siding and refrigerator magnets, as those things are made of his cousins.

So we are left gazing upon "naked man in woods" wondering what might have been (and what ominous villain/hero is making that shadow in bottom center of the photo). This fella would have looked really cute skipping on a yellow brick road, or painted purple, or whatever freak things happen in Oz.

For now, he's stuck making black and white appearances in James Franco's bedroom.

naked man in woods

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