Noodles And Beef

Noodles And Beef is the handle of Dylan, a 20-something gay guy from San Francisco. He's a web designer and all-round creative dude who likes to blog his creative thoughts and doodles, his ideas, and his views on life, bears, and working out. The blog is neatly designed and laid out, with a gallery area, featured posts, an intro and welcome message, plus lots of information and chat. What really comes across, though, is Dylan's personality. This shines through the images in the 'Pics of Me' area where you catch him at the gym, out and about and chilling; and as a bonus, where you also find him in his jockstrap and naked but discretely covered - he's got a great body. Whether you want to follow his workout routine and gain a similar body, or just catch up with easy to read and entertaining thoughts from San Fran, you'll find this blog a fun and sometimes horny place to hang out.

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