Noize Mag

Noize Mag is a magazine site that's all about bringing you news and views on gay parties and festivals. But I reckon it's actually more than that. I took a look and thought I'd stumbled on a mega-site rather than a magazine. I mean it's full of info and links and pics and articles. Actually this is a free and informative site that's a mix of travel, lifestyle, information and fun. There is a blog area, but then there is also a radio so you can have music playing while you browse and read. And then there are photo galleries, too, all taken at clubs and events (how many shirtless muscle-guys can you swallow at one sitting? Nice!), and all, like everything else here, focused on news about festivals, gatherings, prides, meetings, marches, clubs and parties. You're going to need a chill out area once you've finished at this party site.

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