sex in the slaughterhouse

I never get tired of looking at Spencer Reed. He's such a handsome hunk of man and he knows how to bring his nasty game. He's a regular over at Bound Gods where he doles out his special brand of brutal top man attitude - he knows how to make the boys hurt good. This week he's hauling his nastiness over to Bound in Public where he's leading Noah Brooks around a slaughter house and Noah is the entertainment for a group of horny men who have gathered there to play.

The gang of men rip off Noah's clothes exposing innocent Noah's milky white ass. When they're done playing with him, Noah won't be so innocent anymore. They get rough with the boy, slapping him around and pushing him to his knees where he's force fed dick.

Then Spencer Reed takes control of things - this is his boy, after all - and he bends him over a bondage board and porks Noah with his hard meaty cock. Not only does Noah have to endure a hard fuck, but he's got a plastic bag wrapped around his head. Kinky! And of the men rips a hole in the bag over Noah's mouth and shoves his cock down the blond's throat while Spencer continues drilling his ass.

But this is just the beginning of Noah's raunchy night. He's laid back on the board and his ass is stuffed with an electric butt plug and forced to suck some more dick. He gets a couple of cum loads from the audience, he's gang fucked in the medical chair, and finally he's covered in clothes pins and hosed down before getting a nasty public enema. Then the crowd gathers around Noah and one by one, they shower him with spunk. Wow! That sure was a nasty bit of fun to watch. Even the free preview video is pretty dirty.

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