grand daddy butt fuck

These two silver-haired men show us that granddaddy sex can be hot! Stewart Scot is out in the park for a relaxing afternoon. But when Michael Burkk rides past him wearing his tight cycling shorts and showing off his daddy cock, Stewart thinks he'll have to put the relaxing off to another day.

These two grey-haired daddies head back to Stewart's place and Stewart wraps his lips around Michael's big-nobbed dick. Michael lies back and enjoys the blowjob. But then he climbs on Stewart, hoists his legs in the air, and inches his big helmet-head cock into this older man's butt hole.

These two grandpas fuck hard, and when it's all over they fall into each others' arms. Covered in sweat and spunk and still panting from their vigorous afternoon fuck, they laugh about the good time they had and decide that a nap is in order, so they snuggle up.

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