Gay Pornstar Spencer Fox

Oh, ya gotta love the models....

I mean - what would we do without them?

Watch straight porn?

All those screaming banshees and unkempt holes! God, no!

But, let's not forget that models can have feelings, too, and dammnit they wanna share them.

Enter twitter.

There is no greater place for an EPIC freak-out than twitter. In a 5 min time span a person can post at least 5 post at 140 characters each that's... carry the one ... 700 characters to look like a complete and total fa-reak, and recently our new friend Spencer Fox definitely swung for the fences. In traditional gay-for-pay model fashion, Mr. fox announced his retirement of all the flair of a jaded drag queen losing the pageant 3 years in a row.

However, instead of a standard "Fuck everybody I'm out" exit, Spencer wanted to share some of his views on the industry and being gay... or not gay ... or homosexual ....

Let's begin:


Hooray! He's free! No more faggy homo-porn-gays for Mr. Spencer Fox ! No more of:


OR this:


Nope! Congrats, Spencer!

But wait - he wants you to know this about him:


So wait is this REALLY a retirement meltdown or what?

Nope. It's retirement from porn - not the gay kind cause you know there is no GAY porn:


Gotta love twitter!

( Does anyone else notice how much Spencer loves to take big ol' black meat?)

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