"No Homo" Play Gets NYC Premiere at Fringe Festival

The International Fringe Festival is about to bring its mixed bag of theatrical tricks to New York City. The 18th-annual edition of this stage showcase is set to unspool over 16 days in 20 venues all over town. More than 200 theater companies are expected to hit the Big Apple to offer up various programs (some good, some...not so good) for fans of live performance, including the gays.

Scanning the festival's many offerings, No Homo immediately caught our attention--and not just for the pics of the sexy cast (above). Written by Brandon Baruch, No Homo debuted at the Hollywood Fringe Festival earlier this year and was designated an Encore! Producers' Award Winner. The show, directed by Jessica Hanna, follows the budding bromance of Luke and Ash (Benjamin Durham and Jonny Rodgers), L.A. roomies who claim to be straight. But family and friends ain't buying it, and after a night of drinking, the guys start to question the nature of their totally fagged-out friendship themselves. Our favorite line from the script: "I sucked a dick once." Gurl, who hasn't!?

"No Homo is less about the struggle to accept one's sexual identity than it is about the quest to understand one's sexual identity," playwright Baruch says. "It also validates my theory that a person doesn't have to be homosexual to be really, really gay." Can someone please notify Cody Cummings!?

No Homo plays for five performances at the Players Theatre (115 MacDougal Street), starting Saturday, August 9, at 12:30 pm. For more information, visit NoHomoPlay.com. The New York Fringe Festival runs through August 24. For a full schedule, go to FringeNYC.org.

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