No H8 Campaign

Getting serious for a moment; in 2008, Proposition 8 was passed in California, banning same sex marriage in the state. In response, many new political and campaigning groups and organizations were set up. No H8 Campaign is a silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley. Their photos feature people with duct tape over their mouths, an image which symbolizes the silencing of their voices by 'Prop 8' (and other similar legislation from around the world). The subjects also have 'NOH8' painted on their cheek, making the images recognizable wherever they may turn up.

That's what it is all about, a cause worthy of your support no matter where in the world you are. The site features the images and news, plus videos and a calendar of events showing where the guys will be on what dates should you want to go and participate in the campaign. There are plenty of contact details and lots of other information telling you how you can get involved, or you can just link the page from your Facebook or social networking sites and lend support that way. Another way to show support is to order some of the prints. It's a good challenge to browse the galleries and see who you recognize, too. But whatever you do when you hit the site: support and share!

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