Nipple Theory

Nipple Theory is a Tumblr blog that is purely and simply about older men's nipples. Well, there are bodies to go with them, but as the text proudly states that this is about real men, older guys, but not porn models, no twinks, just bears and hunks, hairy and built. I scrolled through several pages and decided that you get a bonus with this site. You will love it if you're into nips, and chests and the like, but you're also going to love it if you're into bears, chubs and older guys. There is a neat mix of nudity and torsos here, with hard and soft cocks from time to time but always a pair of dark, round men's 'chesticles'. Hard, soft, big or small, variety is the spice of this vice and what's really good news for all us nipple-watchers is that there are already over 550 pages on this mainly image-led blog. My advice: get viewing, get sharing and get your own nips as hard as chapel hat pegs.

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