I suppose, really, that in the end it shouldn't have come as too terrible a surprise that someone, somewhere in some gay porn laboratory would eventually have a "Eureka" moment and declare a gay porn massage site the answer to whatever question was asked. But like Republicans eating their own, we have from Hazecash, a premise-based hits factory that has already produced some of the biggest website franchises in gay porn in the last few years.

Sites like,, the odious, the much-appreciated and, of course, the gem of the necklace: What these Hazecash sites have in common is the sort of irreverent fun and sexy content that gay porn was supposed to be all about from the start. Or at least the porn I liked to watch was.

So adding to this coat-of-gay-arms is the newest addition to the family,, a site that promises 'happy endings.' Well, I'm all for happy endings whether they come from the real life tales of real life people or the mound of some guy's cock as his masseur bangs him into submission, slathered in enough baby oil to grease the earth's tectonic plates.

Nico - aka Niko Reeves - is this week's subject in a clip simply called "Nice" and boy, that Niko never looks tired. And he clearly loves playing the submissive bottom as he writhes, moans and jostles around in a cocoon of oil fit for Italian peasant women and takes his rightful place in the canon of Hazecash creations.



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