Nightcharm is a sexy gay pron blog with all sorts of nice naked men doing all sorts of naked stuff together. It is more than that, too, which makes it even more interesting. I mean, what's better than cock-hardening sex scrolling out there right in front of your eyes, with an intelligent "backer", right behind it? It seems recently, the author has interspersed sumptuous sexy stuff in between sandwiched topical subjects which he expounds on with some relish - and some fire. I like this guy a lot, personally. I like his politics and I like his fresh take on sex and his appreciation of men. This, below is what others say and which typifies this blog better than I would - it's good to jerk off with Nightcharm, plus, you can get smart! From the blog:

"Brit journalist Mark Simpson, father of the term metrosexual, calls the "thinking onanist's website." We think that's an objective description of what we're about. For the past ten years Nightcharm has delivered the best in naked men pictures, high octane gay erotica and bang-up blogging on gay sexuality, art, film, music and queer pop culture. Our free gay blog is supported by memberships to our hardcore porn site The Inner Circle. If what you like up front makes you want to do something nasty in the back, please consider becoming a member today."

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