Nick Sterling Returns to Randy Blue Nick Sterling Returns to Randy Blue

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It's been over three years since Nick Sterling did a scene at Randy Blue, and this week he's fucking Lukas Valentine. Randy Blue wasn't letting his guys fuck raw back then, so this is Sterling's first bareback scene, too.

Nick Sterling started fucking with Randy Blue in 2010 and filmed his last scene with them in January 2013 before he headed off to Raging Stallion. He's been on an exclusive contract with Falcon Studios Group since then, so the fact that he's shown up on Randy Blue has me wondering if his FSG contract is over. Why would a studio let such a hot hunk go?

I'm sure some of you will disagree with me, but I think Nick Sterling looks hotter now than he ever did while he was filming with Randy Blue. He had a beard in about half of his scenes, but it was really just a bit of face scruff, a couple of days worth of growth, today he's sporting a full, dark beard. He's so fucking sexy. And his body is thicker and more muscular. I do prefer him as a bottom because he's packing a fantastic ass, but it was fun watching him boning Lukas Valentine.

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