Nick Capra Selfies

What does a porn star do when not being photographed or sexually videotaped? Why take nude and seminude selfies and post them on ye olde Twitter, that's what! Thank you, Mr. Studly Gay Porn Guy Nick Capra, aka @nickcapra, for being you.

And I just had to pass along more than one of his recent shots. This fella with the amazing jawline, grin and eyes (and, oh yeah, body body body) is a serious nudity and camera addict. Whatever we can do to support his dual addictions (like gaze at his flirty selfies) let's do it.

So after Nick selfies all over himself, what does he wipe up with, a selfie rag? Selfie: it's a noun, adjective and verb now. But not an adverb. Noah Webster, though long dead, just couldn't take it as an adverb.

P.S. You may recall that our man Vincent recently interviewed Nick about his comeback and teased his yummy comeback scene where Nick (of course) fucks hole, insertively, with his daddy penis. Check those out for more on the man behind and in front of the camera.

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