Here's a site where I've been a member for a long time. If you read these Editor's Picks on a regular basis you know that I have a serious Daddy fetish. He He. What can I say? As far as personals sites go, Nice Daddies offer up quite a bit in their free plan. Much more than most other personals sites. The chat is even open for those who choose not to shell out any money just to have some fun. I have met many beautiful older men here and have had the pleasure of getting off on chat and cam with them. The emphasis on this site is younger men seeking older and vice versa. The balance swings more toward the daddies too, in case all you grandpa lovin' horny youngsters out there wish to know. So your pickings are quite large. Registration is fast and painless and you get all that Nice Daddies claim you get. The "Daddies Gallery" is so fucking hot I've cum many times while browsing it. Drop by and fill out the form. You've got nothing to lose. Maybe I'll see you there! Especially if you're a daddy yourself. Mmmm.

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