Nicco Sky's hot ass

Nicco Sky has one hot ass. In fact, his ass is probably what has made him one of the most popular models over at Randy Blue. But of course, when you are a good porn model you gotta be versatile (besides doing that in the bedroom), and spread your wings into other areas of entertainment.

Nicco has done just that and has become quite popular due to underwear company Andrew Christian's sexified videos of studs getting slutty in their undies. Well, Nicco has been posted ALL over the Andrew Christian site featuring him in sexy jocks and showing off his hot buns and the good news is that there is a video included!

Nicco Sky in a jock strap

The video is a behind-the-scenes of this sexy stud in all kinds of underwear and watching him work the camera, doing some MAJOR booty tooch-ing, and of course playing with his junk. I adore these kinds of videos when you get to see these men acting all playful and fun.

Have a look at the sexy video which will have you falling in lust with this hunk more than ever - ENJOY!!

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