Like an invading army of Spartans, Next Door Studios is churning out porn star sites faster than you can say, "Is that cow's milk white?" And these last few weeks have been nothing short of lactose tolerant. But NDS has added their latest additions - among them, some guy named Austin? Wilson? Williams? Wilde? - and, suddenly, things got a whole lot more interesting.

SAMUEL O'TOOLE big cock gay pornstar

But that wouldn't be fair to Samuel O'Toole, would it, the hottest thing to come from Irish ancestry since this morning's bowl of Lucky Charms. Samuel, who has less than a year under his belt (when he's wearing one, natch) debuted in February of this year and got good reviews for his role as the *cough* fucking hot guy in Director Chris Steele's Cock Cruisin' for Jet Set Men. Describing himself as the "Hippy Pornstar" (free love?), O'Toole describes himself as both a Western Scorpio and an Eastern Rabbit, meaning not only does he poop a lot but his poop stings. (I'm just kidding. I don't actually know anything about whether or not a rabbit's shit stings. I imagine it would, say, if you thought it was rice.) We also know that he's not your "average" porn star (he avoids drama for one thing.) Actually, that's a good thing because $30 a month is a lot for "average." (TIP: If you refuse to join, you'll automatically be offered half-off the first month's membership. But don't try and talk with the "live" operator. He's very particular. Quite the queen, actually, for a virtual operator.)


The other Next Door Studios flavor of the quarter is Austin Wilde, who recently had a string of hits with Raging Stallion Studios including Steamworks, Tales of The Arabian Nights, Part One and Southern Pride before making his move. His bio tells us that his favorite color is turquoise, he likes basketball and 'Brangelina' and drinking sound effects are a big no-no for one of the biggest names in gay porn in the last ten years.

Stay tuned...

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