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Does newcomer Doug Acre look familiar to you? Channel 1 Releasing is taking credit for introducing the hung young buck to the world, but we've seen him before. In fact, he appeared in this film for Jet Set Men last summer. He's also done online work for College Dudes, Jake Cruise, and the defunct (?) AustinZane. But the studio still says that Doug is making his "adult feature debut" in Chi Chi LaRue's incestuous saga Fucked By Our Dads. They add that he is "reminiscent of classic Catalina Video performers like Kevin Williams and John Davenport." Anyone remember them either!? Oh well, who cares!? Acre is part of a five-man orgy in the Catalina release that is said to be "one of the hottest scenes in an already over-the-top film." He's described as "clean-cut with striking good looks and a super-nasty, filthy-talking dirty attitude with complete star quality." Well, the hung part is true anyway! Dads also features Brian Davilla, Mike DeMarko, Shay Michaels, Spencer Reed, Rex Roddick, Adam Russo, Alex Slater, Collin Stone and Mitch Vaughn. For more information, visit

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