Ralph may look like a bit of a geek, but when he sheds his clothes, he's all man. Like most straight guys, when he gets horny, he doesn't really care who sucks his cock. That's where Bobby comes into the picture. Ralph just lays back and lets Bobby do his thing. Let's take a little tour of these great shots from NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN and watch what Bobby does with Ralph's hot cock, shall we?


Ralph leans back and gets as comfortable as possible, letting Bobby suck his tool to hardness. He loves to watch people worship his rod. He was blessed with a beautiful phallus and so why shouldn't he enjoy watching a horny cocksucker get busy on it? It's only natural, isn't it?


It's not too long before Ralph's pants have come all the way off and his meat is standing at full mast. Bobby gobbles him up like a starved slut, slurping up his manly taste with relish. Ralph bucks his hips up at his servicer's hot mouth, fucking his face deeply.


Just like a good cocksucker should, Bobby swallows all that Ralph has to offer. By now, Ralph is riding Bobby's mouth hard and plans on blowing the back of his head off with his huge load. No ones sucks cock like a man. Even though Ralph is straight, he knows that all too well. That's why whenever the urge for a blowjob cums upon him, he calls on Bobby. Be sure to check out NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN and see how far Ralph and Bobby actually go.

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