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It's all about what's happening right now at New Now Next. It's a kind of explosion of lifestyle news, TV info, movie musings, music, theatre, dance, arts and all things fabulous with a gay twist. Or a slightly camp one, or just one that's going to be of interest to anyone interested in an alternative point of view on what's happening in the cultural world. I hope that doesn't sound too confusing or unfocused as this image blog-cum-site isn't confusing at all. You'll see a search box, clear titles, easy to use social networking share functions and the like, a scrolling news banner for the latest articles, and then plenty of things to read and see. There are adverts as well, of course, but mainly the blog is all about media happenings, as they happen, with some style and travel ideas there for you, too. It's a neat place to browse around when you're looking for inspiration, cultural or otherwise.

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