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Isn't Trent just cute as can be? He's got that all-American, boy next door look that Corbin Fisher is so famous for. And his midwestern accent just makes him all the more adorable. And Trent's definitely going to be back for more, I can feel it in my bone. First of all, he's totally the Corbin Fisher type. Second of all, in his interview at the start of this video, he admitted to having thoughts about guys and he has been wanting to explore sex with another guy. That's practically an engraved invitation right there. And this solo jack off session might get this guy a whole lot more than he bargained for. He tells us that he's not terribly experienced sexually, having only been with his girlfriend so far. But he was definitely turned on while pumping his hot dick in this video. And he spews an impressive load of cum all over his smooth chest. At the end of the video, Corbin Fisher asks Trent what he was thinking about while jerking off, and he smiled, "My girlfriend ... and Dawson." (He had the chance to meet Dawson earlier and the blonde stud obviously got some things turning inside of him.) Hmmm ... I wonder who Trent is going to be paired up with for his first scene with another guy?

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