Strung Up

It's new meat day at the slaughterhouse and head butcher Nick Moretti is ready for inspection. You never know what shows up ... top, bottom, or what? DJ has already been processed and he's hanging from the ceiling. So Moretti focuses his attention on Christian Wilde, who is new and raw. Nick restrains the hard, young man on his table and samples his impressive cock. Christian's got a big dick and Moretti likes this; you never know when you're going to need another big dick. After the Master has had a bit more fun with this new slave, he enlists his help in taking care of DJ, who been watching from his position suspended above the pair. They tie DJ to a butcher's block. Moretti's got a big cock and he likes to fuck hard, so Christian's job is keep DJ quiet - Moretti doesn't like hearing a man scream when he's fucking him. So with the Master inching his cock into DJ's ass, Christian stands at the other end of the table and gags DJ with 9 inches of prime dick. Just another day in the butcher shop.

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