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Ever wanted to take a trip back to the future of Disco? Well, buckle up boys, 'cos SHOOTMEUP.CO.UK is granting your wish!

Yes, the masterminds behind SHOOTMEUP, David & L.A Hart are back with their sexy iconic club photography every Thursday night at the brand-spankin'-new night GIGOLO, which will pop up weekly to take over and transform London's hottest hot-spot, Lo-Profile.

GIGOLO will bring together a mix of the hottest disco sounds that will make you shake your bootie down to the ground till ya just can't take no mo'. Horny Go-Go boys will shake their moneymakers on the podiums between show-stopping performance interludes by selected audiovisual sensations.

GIGOLO promises to be a slamming Summer Disco that will most deffo attract London's hottest posers from the East End fashion forward, West End butched-up muscle hunks to the sluttiest trannies - and of course sizzlin' gay scene celebs.

So, you wanna get into it? You wanna see just how hot things are gonna get? Well, here's a visual to get your juices flowing!

"GIGOLO" hits London town Thursday May 19th!

So have fun, get naked, GRAB A COCKTAIL AND GET F*UCKED!

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