post him amateur gay porn

Gay porn stars are fun to watch, but sometimes you want to peek in on the regular male and see what he gets up to when he's got his dick in his hand. Post Him brings together a huge collection of amateur videos in one convenient place. "Since these sex tapes are homemade, anything can happen; when it comes to variety, there's all sorts of guys here." And with over 1,400 videos on the site, you're bound to have heaps of fun looking through them, Gay Demon did: "I'm a sucker for real amateur guys in homemade videos, and Post Him definitely got me revved up." Check out our complete review of this amateur porn site.

man royale gay porn site

"Man Royale delivers big, beautiful HD videos and gay sex that's extremely well-filmed to show off the guys, the action and the cumshots." With 125 downloadable videos, this fairly new gay porn site is well on it's way to becoming a hot destination. And with "blazing fast download speeds up to 2.3 Mbps," you'll love this site. Check out Gay Demon's full site review.

buck angel porn site review

Buck Angel is a transgendered man who has been making gay porn videos for a number of years. Buck Angel has recently been redesigned and revamped with some fresh new content and we just finished up the site review. Billed as "the man with a pussy" Buck Angel plays with some pretty hot men, so if you're looking for something a little different, you'll want to check out the site review and see what Gay Demon thought.

jet set men

Jet Set Men is the last new site review that we did last week and with over 800 videos there's a lot to see here. "They feature studs of all types: muscle hunks, jocks, college boys, twinks and daddies, too." And many well-known gay porn stars got started with exclusive contracts at Jet Set Men, Angel Rock comes to mind. And Jet Set Men is also well known for their porn parodies; America's Next Hot Bottom is their latest.

GayDemon will be doing a review round-up every Sunday, so head back here next week for a look at a fresh crop of new gay porn sites.

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