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Doms need training, too. A dom can't just jump into the scene and start playing, he's got to be shown the ropes; he has to learn the rules - and yes, there are rules in scene play. Derrick Hanson is a new dom in the Bound Gods house. I haven't seen Derrick around for a while. I used to see a lot of him a couple of years ago when he was the Raging Stallion flavor of the moment, but then he seemed to disappear. Maybe he was one of those "I'm retiring" and "I'm not retiring" porn stars. Regardless, I'm glad he's back - I always enjoyed watching him.

Bound Gods hooked up Derrick Hansom with a slave so he can hone his dom skills. Leo Forte is a hot bottom and he's done plenty of scenes in the dungeon. Derrick binds Leo and taunts him with electricity. Suspended on a leather bondage board, Leo endures the pain, but screams quite a bit. Derrick runs a Wartenberg wheel down his boy's body and pays particular attention to his slave's cock. Leo doesn't like this one bit. Then Derrick ramps things up a bit and uses the flogger on Leo's back and ass.

Derrick restrains his slave to the bondage board. He secures Leo's arms to the chains, then hoists the boy's legs and fastens them to the support chains. And now Derrick starts working on his slave's ass. He fucks him relentlessly - you should see this board swinging in the air. I wish I had a playroom like this. When the dom has had his fill, he dumps his load all over Leo. Check out the preview video at Bound Gods, it'll give you an inkling of how hot this session was.

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