New Book Celebrates The Love Of Fur

If you ask us, the furrier the man, the better. And Bruno Gmünder obviously agrees. The German publisher is aiming a new illustrated coffee-table book directly at the hair-appreciating audience! Fur: The Love of Hair exposes the world of hirsute hunks with dozens of iconic and original contemporary images. Those who dig hairy chests, legs and butts will find endless hours of joy perusing these pages, which are chock-full of manly men in all their hairy glory. Some works are from top artists, others from independent and lesser-known names who nonetheless produce outstanding art. Contributors hail from all over the world, including Japan, Australia, France, Peru, Italy, Germany and the United States. Along with the images, there's also commentary, information, insight and personal essays (in both English and German) from authors Ron J. Suresha and Scott McGillivray. Fur: The Love of Hair is a visual treat--captivating, innovative and provocative. Some might even say hair-raising!? For more information, click here.

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