Pornstar Peter North

He started his career in porn on the gay side of the industry as Matt Ramsey (see pics below). But after appearing in about a dozen films in the mid-1980s, including some classic work with director Matt Sterling (The Bigger The Better, Like a Horse, Big and Thick), he changed his name to Peter North and became a straight-porn superstar. After more than a thousand (!) films as both a model and director, the AVN Hall of Famer is most remembered for one thing: his stunning cum shots! North is renowned for the volume, distance and consistency of his amazing loads. And now, the 54-year-old porn icon is taking advantage of his most famous trait by creating an Android app called Decorator.

If you've ever wanted to spew on the face of a Hollywood star or the hunk next door, this is the app for you. Simply choose a saved pic from your gallery or one taken with your camera, and next thing you know, the Decorator app has covered it in man cream! And North is there, offering pithy one-liners, such as "Geronimo!" and "That's one to show your friends!", as you "decorate" your latest victim. He even formed Post Dawn, a company to produce this and other future apps. The King of Pop recently told XBIZ magazine that the response to Decorator has been "tremendously positive. I guess people really do like splattering on other people!"

To view a cum-drenched trailer, click here. And for more information, visit

Peter North gay blowjob and cumshot

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