Nerdy Gay Boy

This Nerdy Gay Boy wants you to look at his cock, and who can blame him? It is very impressive, thank you. He wants to show you his own photos and he wants you to see his favorite nerdy pics from elsewhere. And they are all gay and sexy, hard dicked and ready to spurt, or actually spurting. This guy sports glasses, a geeky look and a cock that's got to be around nine inches long at least. And on this website, you get it hard, soft and on the way - and then you even get some video clips to go with.

The blog is really a glorification of one boy's dick and way of life, but you'll also find some adverts for hardcore sites, some friends' pics and other things from the gay world where the guys happen to look classically nerdy. It's a strange mix but it works. And you really ought to go study it, and study hard, like a good nerd should.

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