Nerd Jizz

"I, Harvey Walker, solemnly swear that I am up to no good." Love it! The opening to the About page at Nerd Jizz where Harvey tells us that this blog is about his two biggest loves in life: technology and porn. So what to expect from this freaky freebie? Well, there are loads of older posts to start with, and huge list of favorites to one side, a good menu with all kinds of fun things to try out, but the first main page I saw gave me these:

A thing about Apple's iOS6 and its You Tube App. (Kind of a foreign language to me, clearly nerdy.) Then an item about the movie Thor. A video clip about Dr Who. A photo of classic superheroes in spandex (real guys). Some hardcore leather guys sucking cock from Butch Dixon. The Dark Knight Catwoman poster. John Barrowman in his underpants. (I saw him naked once, in Hair, but that's another story.) The point is, before I sidetrack to John Barrowman naked, is that this site-cum-blog really does combine gay male erotica with techno-nerdiness and fills us up with all kinds of info and technology facts before sending us off with images of naked guys and hardcore sex. As I said, I love it!

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