NBA Player Jason Collins Comes Out

Just when you thought that the basketball was the most homophobic sport in the America, professional basketball player Jason Collins decides to come out and prove everyone wrong.

Jason, who is 34 and plays for the Washington Wizards, gave the exclusive to Sports Illustrated in the May issue of the magazine. He told the magazine that he wished he wasn't the kid in the classroom to raise his hand and say he was "different", but since no one has done this in basketball he has decided to finally raise his hand and declare himself gay and proud.

He also said that the recent bombs in the Boston Marathon have also pushed him to come out now and live "truthfully". Jason told the magazine that he goes against the typical gay stereotype and that he is a very aggressive player who is in no way "soft", which many may think a gay player would be. He doesn't care about statistics - all he cares about is being evaluated as a team player.

Finally, Jason said that he is very happy about the shift in people's point of view when it comes to gays and had the following to say:

"I'm glad I'm coming out in 2013 rather than 2003. The climate has shifted; public opinion has shifted. And yet we still have so much farther to go. Everyone is terrified of the unknown, but most of us don't want to return to a time when minorities were openly discriminated against. I'm impressed with the straight pro athletes who have spoken up so far -- Chris Kluwe, Brendon Ayanbadejo. The more people who speak out, the better, gay or straight. It starts with President Obama's mentioning the 1969 Stonewall riots, which launched the gay rights movement, during his second inaugural address. And it extends to the grade-school teacher who encourages her students to accept the things that make us different."

This is great news for all gay people around the world and it just goes to show that in this day and age NOBODY should be worried or judge you on who you give your love to and who you prefer in bed. The important thing is about how well you do your job, what kind of person you are and that's pretty much it!

(Source: The Guardian)

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