The man in uniform. Ah yes. It can be quite a turn-on I'd say. Take Trevor here for example in his Navy fatigues with that short cropped buzz cut. His eyes ablaze with determination and grit, stealthily ready to man his gun when the moment of truth arrives. Trevor was on a short leave when BUZZ WEST asked him to do a shoot for them. As you will see, he was working quite hard on his tan....and uhhh....other things.


Oh baby, what a pose! What a cute cute ass this boy has. Certainly ripe enough to peel apart and do what you wish with. Perhaps just little nibbles at first, enough to make him squirm around and beg for more. Bit by bit you work that tongue further into the nether-regions, searching for the fruit of his desires. The forbidden fruit. The sweetness you must have before you explode.


I really couldn't stop myself from putting up this pic. I mean, look at that luscious hole! I'm drooling all over my keyboard! Now Trevor is spread apart for the whole world to see. Ready to be taken advantage of, ready to be tongue-fucked, ready to be plundered.


I guess after all that rimming Trevor is itching for some head. Well no problem man. I'm right on it! Just about the right size for deepthroating. Tickle my tonsils Trev. Fuck my face if you like. It's all good! Just so you all know, BUZZ WEST has tons of guys just like Trev. Hunky Army, Navy, Marine and "Fly" Boys by the dozens. And the scenarios they're engaged in would certainly get them ejected from their respective positions in no time. But that's what makes it all so hot! So get on over to Buzz West now! That's an order.

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