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A couple of weeks ago, Helix Studios started rolling out a new series called The Helix Academy. And it gives us a good look at what really happens at a private board school. Blond bombshell Jessie Montgomery has just arrived at The Academy and finds that he's sharing a room with hunky Evan Parker. Jessie's had a tiring first day, so he hits the sack early, but a couple of hours later, he's woken by Evan and another schoolboy, Luke Allen, fucking on Evan's bed. Jessie pretends to sleep and keeps watching these horny students sucking and fucking.

guys fucking outdoors

In the second installment of Helix Academy, Casey Tanner and senior Kellan Parker are getting hot and heavy behind the boarding school. Kellan pushes Casey against a tree, pulls down his uniformed trousers, and fucks his ass. Neither of the students know that newcomer Jessie Montgomery is in the bushes enjoying the view.

students fucking in detention

Blond student Jessie Montgomery is talking to classmate Anderson Lovell and trying to find out more information about a secret society that he's heard about. But the teacher doesn't stand for his students talking in class, so he sends them to detention, which just gives them a private place to suck dick and flip flop fuck each other.

twinks gang banging in leather sling

In the fourth part of Helix Academy called The Crescent Club, Jessie Montgomery discovers a secret society, and admission is simple: submit your ass to the other members and get gang banged. Jessie lies back in a leather swing and the other guys take turns fucking his ass.

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