Naughty Guys With Glasses

It'll make you go blind they said; well, it hasn't so far, though I do wear glasses and I could easily be one of these Naughty Guys With Glasses. Let's get it straight from the start: you don't have to wear them, or fancy men who wear them, to like this blog. It's a collection of gifs and pics, clips and videos with one thing in common - the men involved all wear spectacles. There are guys of all ages, there are clips and pics from all over the place, the folk behind the blog give the usual disclaimer about the content and say it's really for gay men only. Solo guys, couples, all kinds of situations and places; as long as at least one of the men in the image wears glasses, then it makes it to this blog. It's kept up to date regularly and there are original blogs and re-blogs to scroll through; the first page alone runs on for a week. Ok, so you get the occasional pop-up from some of the videos, but other than that minor inconvenience, this is a spectacles spectacular that glasses and geek fans will love.

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