Nate Karlton & Marc Dylan Play Cop

There seem to be quite a few cops in uniforms hitting the gay porn sites these days and this scene from COLT Studio Group is a hot one. Nate Karlton is a sexy, hairy hunk in or out of uniform, but he's looking particularly hot in his patrol man's gear.

Marc Dylan is paired up with Karlton in this scene and Dylan is wearing a dark-blue police uniform; Karlton is wearing a highway-patrol uniform. And after their shift, these two cops head into an empty holding cell for a little cop-on-cop suck and fuck action.

After swapping head, Nate turns his attention to Marc ass. First, he teases Dylan's ass crack with his night stick, then he explores the bottom's asshole with his tongue. Finally, Karlton puts down his night stick and slides his stiff cock inside and pounds his cop buddy hard. After Dylan's been fucked within an inch of his life, he lies back while Karlton showers him with a massive cum load and Dylan jerks himself off and sends his sprayer all over his cum-soaked belly and chest. Now, that's the way to end a shift at the police station.

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