cop fucks parolee

Rafael Mendoza just finished a 5-day stint in jail for a minor possession charge. He was released and assigned to Officer Thompson. This 25-year-old parolee's troubles have just begun. He met with parole officer Thompson and his sidekick Johnson for his first interview.

Mendoza managed to avoid getting his pretty Latin butt fucked in jail, but he's not going to be so lucky today. Thompson and Johnson put the screws to Mendoza and give him one option: get on his knees and start sucking dick or they'll report is undocumented family to the immigration authorities. What's a guy to do?

Officer Thompson sits back in his chair while Mendoza sucks his big cock. But this parole meeting isn't going to end with a blowjob. Mendoza is stripped naked, forced to lie back on the desk where Thompson fingers then fucks his tight butt hole before he takes the bald officer's cum load. If Mendoza wants to keep himself out of jail and his family in the country, he can look forward to servicing his parole officer every couple of weeks.

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