BDSM Nurse

You don't ever want to find yourself on Nurse Dak Ramsey's ward. This nurse is one of the nastiest fuckers you'll ever run into. He volunteers for the night shift just so he can have the whole ward all to himself. No witnesses to his nasty brand of medicine. Nomad has been diagnosed as a masochist and he's locked up in the Bound Gods insane asylum for his own good. Nurse Dak wants to see if Nomad is really a masochist. He secures Nomad in a straight jacket; and with his ass up in the air, Nomad undergoes a severe spanking. Alternating with a flogger and his big rough hand, Nurse Dak reddened Nomad's sensitive butt cheeks. But Nurse Dak is just getting warmed up. He pulls out the electricity and gives Nomad some electro shock therapy before ramming the electrified probe up Nomad's ass. Finally, Nurse Dak ties Nomad's hands behind his back, climbs up on the table, and replaces that electric probe with his own stiff, fat cock. It's well after midnight and no one's around to hear Nomad's screams of pleasure.

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